A portion of your ticket can help non-profit organizations.

Providing fundraising opportunities for local non-profit groups has always been one of our goals. Over the years, we're proud to say that the Terror of Tallahassee has raised over $49,668.00 for groups as diverse as the Bradfordville Volunteer Fire Department, the Key Club, Meow Or Never , the Boy Scouts, FSU's Entrepreneur Club, NSMF (National Society of Minorities in Hospitality), Sarasota's Big Cat Rescue, the Haitian Culture Club, National Council of Negro Women, Sail's Robotics Club, and FSU's Legacy. Each year, as much as a third of our ticket revenues go to non-profit groups that help sell our tickets.

For 2016, we again partnered with Phi Mu Sorority to benefit the Children's Miracle Network and had a terrific response the last two years. If you are part of a non-political, non-profit organization interested in fundraising by selling our tickets, contact us (subject heading: Haunted Fundraising). And thank you all who have bought tickets and supported our efforts to help worthy causes (most of which are very close to home). Sadly, these events were temporarily discontinued due to Covid, but we hope to offer them again soon.